MAC Venture Group is a sales and marketing consulting firm focused on small and middle market companies in North America. MVG and its principals have helped hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses enhance their sales, profits, and operational effectiveness, allowing entrepreneurs and managers to make the most of their work and their lives.

Commitment To The Entrepreneur
MVG and its staff choose to work with small and mid-market companies for one simple reason: we are passionate about working with entrepreneurs to help them achieve their hopes and dreams. Every member of our team is committed to doing whatever it takes to help the entrepreneur, and we take personal pride in achieving success for our clients.

Results Orientation
MVG understands that consulting assignments for the entrepreneur need to be hands-on and results oriented. Our consultants are committed to producing demonstrable ROI on our work, and they are evaluated for their ability to do so. 95% of our work is in implementation – not big strategy studies. All members of our team have 15+ years of directly applicable industry experience.

Quality In Everything We Do
MVG’s integrity and professional competence are the cornerstones of our global organization. We work hard to earn and maintain our clients’ trust and confidence. To ensure that we provide quality professional services in an independent, objective, and ethical manner we have implemented a number of global professional development initiatives and quality and compliance safeguards.

Industry Focus
MVG focuses on four major industry groups: construction and related services, job shop manufacturing, distribution, and services.

MVG would not be such a successful organization without great people and strong teamwork. We provide our people with solid career growth opportunities and a people-oriented workplace environment. Our philosophy, quite simply, is that when our people achieve their best, so do our clients, and our business prospers.