Marketing Strategy Development

It is pretty common for companies to see sales and marketing as having the same processes and goals. However, the two function best when understood as separate but complimentary departments of a business. We have helped a number of multimillion dollar companies better understand the relationship between sales and marketing, and how to maximize their marketing to help boost their sales.

Marketing Analysis

We begin our process by understanding several factors of a company’s current marketing efforts and processes.

Specifically, we will analyze the following areas of a company’s marketing:

  1. Determining and defining your market and target audience
  2. Measuring your performance of marketing
  3. Creating the appropriate budget for marketing
  4. Determining a long term marketing strategy
  5. Understanding the relationship between sales and marketing

Marketing Solutions

Once we understand the current standing and processes of your marketing efforts, we provide strategic solutions to help improve growth.

Specifically, we will provide solutions in the following areas of your business:

  1. Design and develop a marketing plan and strategy
  2. Design and develop marketing metrics with appropriate reporting
  3. Determine areas of improvement on your company website
  4. Establish an effective email campaign
  5. Define web metrics (referring URLs, time on page, traffic, etc.)
  6. Determine appropriate budget for marketing