Sales/Business Development

For every business, it is important to determine several parameters to establish a growth strategy. From defining who you want to sell to, to why customers would and should buy your product or service over what competitors are offering, every element is important to your bottom line and your profit margin. At MAC Venture Group, we have worked for a variety of different companies across a spectrum of industries, helping each company define their niche and their own special edge in the market place.

Sales Analysis

We start our process by analyzing several different aspects of your current business and move on to defining the drivers and the reasons behind what can and will help you reach your growth goals.

Specifically, we will provide an analysis of the following areas:

  1. Define performance metrics and appropriate reporting of metrics
  2. Evaluate Sales Force effectivness
  3. Analyze the postioning of your company’s product or service
  4. Review and analyze your current CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system
  5. Analyze the cost of sales per employee
  6. Provide a sales process analysis

Sales Solutions

We take what we learn from the analysis process, and provide a clear plan of action to implement changes that will establish the desired growth for your business.

Specifically, we will provide solutions in the following areas:

  1. Install a new CRM system (or revitalize the current system) to meet the requirements of the business
  2. Determine appropriate performance metrics for all sales employees (i.e. customer service people, inside sales team, outside sales team, business development people, trade show coordinator, etc.)
  3. Design and develop a consistent sales process through the organization
  4. Implement sales process through training and demonstration
  5. Sales management improvement through coaching and training
  6. Determine appropriate goals and objectives for the sales team.