Organizational Development

Good ideas and good products are only as good as the people delivering them. For any organization to function at its highest level of performance, it needs a clear organizational structure and culture. Generally, both of those elements are established from the top down. So while you may be great at producing a product or providing a service, your team should support your company’s growth, and not hinder it.

Organizational Development Analysis

To help determine the best plan of action to improve the organzation from a personel and structure point of view, we first analyze different areas from job descriptions to hiring practices.

Specifically, we will analyze the following areas of your business:

  1. Defining and developing the organizational chart
  2. Performance metrics for all employees
  3. Defining your recruiting and hiring practice.
    a. SSI (Sales Strategy Index)
    b. SFA (Sales Factor Analysis
    c. Dave Kurlan’s OMG (Objective Management Group) Analysis
  4. Compensation analysis
  5. Turnover analysis
  6. Benefit package analysis
    a. Stock options
    b. 401K
    c. Disability
    d. Healthcare

Organizational Development Solutions

Knowing the areas that need improvement does not always mean that it will happen. So we help provide solutions and a plan to implement what we have discovered in our analysis process.

Specifically, we will provide solutions in the following areas of your business:

  1. Determine and define HR plan and strategy
  2. Ensure you have the right people on your team
  3. Define and develop job descriptions
  4. Test and profile employees for strengths and weaknesses and compare to job description
  5. Measure performance based on establish goals and objectives of everyone in the organization
  6. Design and develop recruiting and hiring process